Monday, October 15, 2012


 We were there about 12 years ago. Let me share my experience with you...

 I owned my own business at the time-- Same one I own today. I was brainwashed into disrespecting my business (that although wasn't some multi billion dollar corp like Amway-- was feeding my family better than any other family around us).

My little business was  netting me anywhere from 1000 to 1500 dollars a week. (Attention all you Amroids-- net... NET ...N-E-T-- means that's the amount I was bringing home to my family), and yet...these broke individuals that lived in dirty rental properties, drove broken down tercels, and ate at KFC on coupon tuesdays, while I drove brand new average cars, ate at nice restaurants and owned my beautiful house (no mansion ..but way above anything any of THEM could have aspired to own in any foreseeable future), were giving ME advice on what's up and what's down. 

Like the poor brainwashed fool that I was-- I listened to THEM instead of my beautiful, wonderful, supportive wife, who kept telling me to get rid of these idiots that were way beneath me in intelligence, income, and business savvy. Thank God we are still together, have a beautiful family, and can now look back and laugh at ourselves (mostly at ME, the idiot) all these years later. 

When I finally broke free of the brainwashing, I paid more attention to my conventional business and gave it the respect it deserved.  I went from 400,000 dollars in sales in 1997-1998 to 8,000,000 in 2010-2011. We own beautiful cars, vacation whenever we like, and DO live in a mansion. (It's no Don Storms 50,000 square foot mansion on my own island or anything like that,  but, hey-- I actually OWN it... It's MINE, not the bank's). I wonder how many "diamonds" lol-- can say that. 
 I realize anyone can be, or pretend to be anyone they want to be, anonymously on a blog, so I'll stop with these facts about my personal success  (although modest compared to diamonds lol) because these facts are irrelevant other than to say-- take care of what you DO have right now, be it your job, little business etc, because it is feeding you, and Amway is NOT. I wish you all the success in the world building your network, and hopefully, one day, it WILL feed you (not likely, but I'll address that later). 

When you hear "cult", it's natural human nature for you to think about a bunch of wack jobs running around in robes drinking cool aid and sacrificing cats. This is something Amroids use to their advantage. They say things like-- "yeah sure, we're a cult... Didn't you know that?  We put on capes and run around in the dark, ha ha ha".  Classic tactic by the way... Trying to make YOU look silly for saying that.

Is any of this sounding a little familiar Amroids? 

 Reality is-- there are many different levels of fanaticism and many different sorts of cults. They can be social cults, financial cults, religious cults etc. What they all have in common is mind control. 

All this hero worship, and don't question your upline, and don't listen to your old friends, and do exactly what you're told, and buy exactly what we tell you to, can only lead to trouble. 

Before any of you Amroids reading this decide to put in your two cents from your practiced, cheesy, decades old, stale lines, implying that I don't know what the biz is really about and that I should go study the topic.. Know this-- I hit 1700 pv, had about 10 people on SOT (standing order tape of the week) and 45-50 people in total in my group. This is by no means any sort of remarkable achievement. 
To you normal, and lucky people who have never been involved in the "biz"--these facts mean nothing. 
To all you Amroids-- this level is minuscule compared to what you aspire to, but you also know that 99.9 percent of you, never hit, or never will, have a snowball's chance in hell, of ever hitting this level. 
I was spending about 5000 dollars a year on rediculous tapes, follow up material, moronic seminars, and major functions. This doesn't include the thousands of dollars in gas, wear and tear on my vehicles, and let's not even talk about my consumables bill that went up about 300 percent for all the superior (LMAO!!!!!) products. 

Is any of this sounding a little familiar Amroids?

Let me get back to the "major functions". In the past decade, my wife and children and I have been to almost every Caribbean country, a little bit of Europe, and a few high end places in the US. 
Except for one or two super Luxo places-- I've never seen more astronomical prices for basic hotel rooms in mediocre cities than at an Amway function. When 4 people have to pay 375 dollars EACH to share a base room, where they sleep on the floor and on cots, someone is making some money. Ching Ching-- do I hear kickbacks?  It's funny how the "unapproved" hotel down the street, is like 80 dollars and an extra 20 per extra person over the double occupancy. In case you can't count-- that's 120 total compared to the 1500 for the approved hotel. Oh yeah.... There was also admission to the big meeting included in the 1500. Lololol. 

Is any of this sounding a little familiar Amroids?

In case you all haven't figured it out yet, this isn't a consumable products business.... It's a motivational tool kit business for the upper level diamonds. I had my upline telling me that the 25 cent tape he was giving me every week for 11 dollars carried no mark up. I am so mad at myself today for not having challenged this BS back then. Through my conventional business, I knew a lot more about volume discounts and the economy of scale than any of these Amroids to understand that someone was making mega bucks from all this stuff. I just never questioned it because it was taboo.... hence the cult. 

I'm not really angry with any of these lower end "leaders" (lol).   To this day, I'm convinced that most of these poor losers actually believed the BS they were spewing about the tools carrying no profit. Dexter Yeager was on 60 minutes (or some other show) saying how he made 75 percent of his income from the tool business, the upline diamond was telling me personally that "yes, there is SOME profit sharing from the tools depending on your pin level and the volume of tools you moved", yet my idiotic sponsor and his sponsor above him were telling me-- "NO Way Man!! There is ZERO profit in tools". Poor fools. 

Is any of this sounding a little familiar Amroids?

Lets see now.... As I mentioned above, I was at 1700 pv (approx) with 50 people in the group (approx). I was doing about 150 pv average, one guy in my downline was doing about 200 pv average (poor soul- I've never apologized to him... I'm too ashamed) , which leaves 1350 pv to the other 49 people in my group. That's an average of 26pv. As any Amroid reading this will admit (at least to himself in private), they WISH they could average 26pv from every person in their "biz" lol.  It's more likely that the pv came from a handful of guys buying useless overpriced products for themselves just to say they did a certain pv. 

When you "Break open a kit" It has some products in it (at least it did back then) and THAT'S where most of the pv is coming from. Just imagine how many poor souls are "breaking open" kits every week at the bottom level of a diamond's group. Even if the kit carries 30pv (and again-- I don't recall what it was)..... If there were a few hundred kits "broken open" every week, that's tens of thousands of pv per month in that group. 

Is any of this sounding a little familiar Amroids? God help you. I mean it sincerely

I can go on and on with the details and the facts but there's no point. The past is the past and I actually believe that amway helped me. 
It helped me to understand that you cannot change people, at least not in any permanent way. The cream will always rise to the top no matter what domain it's put into. The problem with the amway "domain" is that you don't really know what business you're in until you wisen up-- if ever. 
I also learned that it's a lot easier to pay a bunch of people 500 dollars a week each to make YOU wealthy than to try to take them with you on this great business journey (if it was real- which it isn't). 
I also learned that when your "spider sense is tingling" -- something stinks. Follow that sense. 

-- Is This.... AM-Wayyyy???  Hahahahahaha.  


  1. Yep your story is familiar! My life is great now sans scAmway! More time with my wifey (a very wise being, she never got suckered in), more money in our savings, investments, travels...just life and much more. MLM is the scourge of this life. Never ever again, even if it's Jesus recruiting. Great story, thanx for sharing.

  2. Your story sounds pretty typical for someone who got into Amway and one of the motivational groups. Thanks for starting this blog.

  3. So whats the name of your business that you mentioned at the beginning?

  4. Your advice to others to pay attention to their real jobs is good advice. Amway many times tries to convince Ambots to 'dis' their Just Over Broke Jobs. Glad you are doing fine without the scumbags. Belief in a scam will not replace a real job, or a profitable business. I know of a guy who got so carried away with Amway dreams that he gave up on his medical degree. Big mistake.

  5. I have a story to share too..

    My husband got this business from a very nice couple.. educated and young good looking couple..
    Me, at first really against it. However my husband was gugugaga over this business..
    reason: the recognition and the acknowledge from Upline..
    because of his dream to go travelling with Amway (network 21) he abandoned his job.. he stop doing design.. and stop consulting people.. in his mind.. he must STP (show the plan) everyday.. every hour.. even in his sleep..
    because of that i got furious.. when he stop working i am the only one who supporting the family.. and on top of that.. i have to pay for the seminar.. BBS.. WLS.. and books.. Cds.. you name it.. and it really makes me very upset..
    one day i told him to stop Amway and get real money. not that i dont trust in Amway.. i believe if u work hard u can get anything u want.. but his craziness over Amway drive me crazy.. 24/7 Amway..! i threaten him to leave him.. i am thinking of divorce.. ( that's my friend how Amway really ruined me) and only after that he stop doing STP and going to the seminar and Amway meeting..
    Only after 2 months, now he landed a huge job with one of the biggest properties co in here.. and now a consultant to main media in our country.. and also consultant to another project *secret yet to be revealed* .. I am glad that he listen to me and now really makes a real money..
    I wish that he will never go back to Amway.. enough the pain and sadness.. enough fake relationship and enough humiliation from friends and families.. pray for us.. pray for our success.. thanks..

  6. I would like to discuss your Amway scam experience with you. See my website at and email me at, thanks.

  7. Enjoyed reading this. Glad you got out and your marriage survived. 😄

  8. I grew up in the "amway cult" my entire childhood, Parents were directs, and it was pure hell, they used music by the goads, constant meetings, and business tapes... Life as i knew it revolved around amway my entire childhood, only good part that came of it is all the good friends i made in it.

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